TruTek Training Schedule

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R12.2.6 One Day Upgrade Workshop      Las Vegas, NV  April 2 at OAUG Collaborate 17

R12.2.6 Technical Upgrade Class             Atlanta, GA, April 24-28 

R12.2.6 One Day Upgrade Workshop       Pittsburgh, PA  May 5

R12.2.6 Technical Upgrade Class             Jersey City, NJ, May 15-19

R12.2 Applications DBA Concepts           Dallas, TX,  June 5-8
and Administration

R12.2.6 One Day Upgrade Workshop       London, England  June 16

R12.2.6 Technical Upgrade Class             Los Angeles, CA  June 26-30

R12.2.6 Technical Upgrade Class             Copenhagen, Denmark  July 17-21

We can work with clients to provide an on-site private class with a minimum of four students.

Call to schedule a class: 801-230-3099.