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Performance Tuning of the 12.2.12 Upgrade

We can help you reduce your downtime for the 12.2.12 upgrade. One recent client was upgrading from to 12.2.12. The total downtime originally was more than 120 hours. This was reduced to 40 hours, by improving the performance of the patch application, streamlining the process and reducing the functional data  by applying pre-upgrade patches and purging data when possible.

First Pass Upgrade to 12.2.12

Complete 12.2.12 Upgrade

The TruTek team can perform a complete R12.2.12 Upgrade, Functional and Technical, including customizations. The upgrade project is a partnership between TruTek and your technical and functional teams, with pre-defined roles and tasks to ensure a fast, efficient upgrade. The following are included in the Complete 12.2.12 Upgrade project:

R12.2.12 Functional Upgrade Assessment
R12.2.12 Technical Upgrade Assessment

R12.2.12 - Identify and Upgrade Customizations

Upgrade Iterations: 4-5 Passes

Performance Tuning of the Upgrade, if necessary to fit a downtime window

Functional: R12.2.12 Financials Business Process Overview - 4 Days
Technical: R12.2.12 Applications DBA Concepts and Administration - includes Online Patching

Production R12.2.12 Upgrade

Post-Production Support

Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade Training & R12.2 Consulting