Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade Training & R12.2 Consulting

Performance Tuning

TruTek offers Performance Tuning of the Oracle Database, the E-Business Suite, Demantra, Advanced Supply Chain Planning and the Weblogic server.

First, we start with Performance Planning. This is a combination of understanding: scalability, application requirements, how to improve your hardware architecture, and how to use workload testing and modeling to verify performance before implementation.

Second, we are experts in Instance Tuning. This is the job of finding and eliminating performance bottlenecks and by the proper allocation of memory to database structures, determining I/O requirements of different parts of the database, and tuning the operating system for optimal performance of the database.

Third, we investigate optimizing SQL statements. Typically, SQL statements issued by OLTP applications should operate on relatively few rows at a time. If an index can point to the exact rows that are required, then Oracle Database can construct an accurate plan to access those rows efficiently through the shortest possible path. In decision support system (DSS) environments, selectivity is less important, because they often access most of a table's rows. In such situations, full table scans are common, and indexes are not even used. This involves query optimization and improving execution plans. When a SQL statement is executed on an Oracle database, the query optimizer determines the most efficient execution plan after considering many factors related to the objects referenced and the conditions specified in the query. This determination is an important step in the processing of any SQL statement and can greatly affect execution time.

We are experts in reducing the downtime required for E-Business Suite upgrades. At one client, we reduced the downtime for an upgrade from 11i to 12.2.11 from 130 hours to 38 hours. This made the difference to allow the client to 'Go Live" over a three day weekend. The other option, without the performance tuning, was to cancel the upgrade.

We have written several books on tuning the R12 upgrade and offer classes from Performance Tuning experts, such as Jonathan Lewis.

Performance Tuning