Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade Training & R12.2 Consulting

The R12 Upgrade class is 5 days long and starts with a Release 12.1.1 Vision Instance and upgrades that instance to Release 12.2.11. The database version used is Basic concepts and downtime-reducing steps such as staging from the R12.2 DVDs are covered. The class size is usually limited to 4 to 6 students, and each student has a quad core 64 bit Linux server to perform the upgrade. Minimizing downtime is a common theme throughout the R12.2 Upgrade class. Downtime-reducing techniques include merging patches, how to use downtime mode to apply some patches, adjusting the number of workers, using fast IO, and the benefits of snapshots. Online patching is the major technical change in the R12.2 architecture; we will spend considerable time understanding how to apply online patches, the consequences of online patching on customizations, and how to find and fix online patching compatibility issues. Another technical architecture change is the use of the Weblogic server.  In case you are upgrading from, we will cover the pre-upgrade steps and 11i patches required for the upgrade. We will cover the additional steps required if you are upgrading from

It is recommended that class attendees take the R12.2 Apps DBA class if they are not familiar with EBS upgrades and not experienced with the Oracle E-Business Suite

The upgrade class upgrades 12.1.1 to 12.2.11. The major steps are as follows:

Run the 12.2.0 Rapid Install to lay down the 12.2.0 upgrade file system
Apply CUPs and preinstall patches 
Run the EBS Technology Code Checker
Apply the 12.2.0 upgrade driver
Configure the 12.2.0 instance with Rapid Install
Enable Online Patching
Apply AD-TXK RUP patches
Apply the 12.2.11 patch

The R12.2.11 Upgrade class follows this agenda:

Day 1

Optional - Review the pre-upgrade 11i patches, AD & ATG Patches and Prerequisites for the R12.2 Upgrade
Compare Release 12.1 and Release 12.2 Architectures
Install 12.2.0 Upgrade File System
Patch the 12.2.0 software with R12.2.0 preinstall patches
Start the 12.2.0 upgrade patch, 10124646

Day 2
Troubleshoot Issues during the 12.2.0 patch
Review methods to speed up the upgrade
Finish the R12.2.0 patch
Upgrade Configuration

Day 3

Fix Online Patch Enablement Violations

Introduce the Online Patching Utility - ADOP
Start AD / TXK RUP Patches
Day 4
Finish the AD / TXK Patches
Start 12.2.11 Upgrade
Day 5
Finish 12.2.11 Upgrade

TruTek R12.2 Upgrade Training

The E-Business Suite R12.2.11 Technical Upgrade Class