Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade Training & R12.2 Consulting

Release 12.2.10 First Pass Upgrade

12.2.11 First Pass Upgrade (3-6 weeks)

What better way to jump start your upgrade project than to quickly upgrade your data so you can evaluate your proposed timeline, find difficult areas that may require more effort, work through technical issues and document your upgrade steps, so your staff can continue with or without our help.

While the 12.2.11 Technical Upgrade class gives your technical staff a comprehensive, hands-on opportunity to understand how to perform the upgrade with a Vision instance, there's nothing quite like an upgrade of your data. The results of the upgrade can be shared with Functional Analysts and Developers to evaluate the new system and find broken customizations.

We'll work against a clone of your database with your technical staff. We'll hit unique issues that can only happen with your data. We'll likely log a few Service Requests with Oracle, and you should not be surprised if you have follow on work that needs to be accomplished before you can launch a full-scale upgrade effort. We start with a template derived from training classes and other client upgrades, and document the process of your upgrade (upgrade path, required patches, etc.) in a spreadsheet of tasks, including both functional and technical steps.

An added bonus - while we're onsite, we offer mini-lessons about adop and other key technical topics that are calibrated to cover exactly what your team needs to learn more about. 

Call to schedule a R12.2 First Pass Upgrade, 801-230-3099.