The technical assessment investigates the:

Technical Upgrade TImeline

High level review of Customizations, including Forms, Reports, Custom VPDs and Triggers

Impact of Functional Steps

Problems with your Data

Future Capacity Requirements

Operating System Recommendations

I/O Subsystem Requirements for R12.2

Memory Requirements for Weblogic and the Application Tier
Tech Stack Version Compatibility and Patch Levels, including CPUs, PSUs, RPCs and Exadata Bundles
Current Issues from Log files
Current unresolved service requests
Hardware Recommendations

Migration Strategies - We are DataPump experts

Upgrading to Oracle Identity Management and Oracle Access Manager, to replace Single Sign-On.

If the plan includes buying new hardware, consider migrating to 64 bit Linux. Linux is the primary development platform for EBS.

Release doesn’t support running the Application Tier on a 64-bit hardware platform; however, Release 12 does support 64-bit architectures for the Application Tier.
Release 12.1 and Release 12.2 all support running the database on a 64-bit operating system, in a split or mixed architecture.
There are five hardware platforms supported for Release 12.1 and all of the platforms support a 64 bit version.
There are less memory restrictions on a 64-bit machine because of additional addressable memory.
Because of more addressable memory, more users can be supported on each Application Tier.
MRP and other programs run much more quickly in a 64-bit database.

R12.2.6 Technical Upgrade Assessment