The Technical Upgrade Assessment Investigates:

  • Technical Upgrade Timeline
  • High level review of Customizations, including Forms, Reports, Custom VPDs and Triggers
  • Impact of Functional Steps
  • Problems with your Data
  • Future Capacity Requirements
  • Operating System Recommendations
  • I/O Subsystem Requirements for R12.2
  • Memory Requirements for Weblogic and the Application Tier
  • Tech Stack Version Compatibility and Patch Levels, including CPUs, PSUs, RPCs and Exadata Bundles
  • Current Issues from Log files
  • Current unresolved service requests
  • Hardware Recommendations
  • Migration Strategies - We are DataPump experts
  • Upgrading to Oracle Identity Management and Oracle Access Manager, to replace Single Sign-On.

If the plan includes buying new hardware, consider migrating to 64 bit Linux. Linux is the primary development platform for EBS.

  • Release doesn’t support running the Application Tier on a 64-bit hardware platform; however, Release 12 does support 64-bit architectures for the Application Tier.
  • Release 12.1 and Release 12.2 all support running the database on a 64-bit operating system, in a split or mixed architecture.
  • There are five hardware platforms supported for Release 12.1 and all of the platforms support a 64 bit version.
  • There are less memory restrictions on a 64-bit machine because of additional addressable memory.
  • Because of more addressable memory, more users can be supported on each Application Tier.
  • MRP and other programs run much more quickly in a 64-bit database.

R12.2.10 Technical Upgrade Assessment

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