The Ultimate Jump Start First Pass Upgrade

The Ultimate Jump Start First Pass Upgrade provides a detailed technical assessment, analysis of functional scope, training of functional super-users, identifies your upgrade path and all your customizations, including personalizations and custom workflows. This is an effective and proven technique for upgrading heavily customized instances. We identify all your customizations, recommend the most effective technical upgrade path and document critical functional changes due to the upgrade to R12.2.11.

You can select some of these items a la carte, if you don’t require the entire assessment, but in order to identify your customizations we require Steps 3, 5, 7, and 8.

Week 1
Step 1: Technical Upgrade Assessment (2 people, 2-3 weeks).

There may be a delay at this point, if the technical assessment identifies deficiencies in the hardware-operating system. This can be minimized by working with TruTek to prepare the hardware environment in advance.

Week 2
Step 2: Finish Technical Assessment and High Level Project Plan
Deliverables include technical architecture, patch levels, known issues, high level project plan for the First Pass Upgrade, installed modules, suggested Upgrade Path, with suggested upgrade patches.
Step 3: Run ConfigSnapshot to capture current customizations

Week 3
Step 4: Functional Assessment (1 person , 2-3 weeks)
Deliverables include modules used, custom processes, new processes to be implemented during the upgrade, suggested changes to custom processes, identify/report on probable functional issues during the upgrade.
Step 5: Start the First Pass Upgrade   (2 people, plus 1-2 people from client) 
Deliverables include all patches, technical steps, issue resolution, functional steps and determine the timeframe for PROD upgrade. This depends on having a fast upgrade machine with at least 8 threads and enough Solid State drives to hold the database tier and application tier, and enough spinning disks to hold 4 sets of online backups.

Week 4
Step 4 continued: Finish the Functional Assessment
Step 5 continued: Continue the 1st Pass Upgrade

Week 5

Step 5 continued: Continue the 1st Pass Upgrade

Step 6: R12 New Features Training   4 days
Provide Functional New Features Training to the Super-users to educate and better define functional processes.

Week 6

Step 5 continued: Continue the 1st Pass Upgrade

Week 7
Step 7: Run, Analyze ConfigSnapshot
Step 8: Perform Analysis on Custom Objects
Step 9: Perform and document Gap Analysis (2 people)

Week 8
Step 9 continued: Perform and document Gap Analysis, continued

Week 9
Step 10: Define Scope and Detailed Customization Plan (1 person)

Week 10
Step 11: Define Detailed Project Plan and Customization Schedules (1 person)


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