R12.2 First Pass Upgrade

"This latest upgrade test on the new production hardware went very well. I don't see any problem getting the upgrade done over a 3 day weekend. I have you guys to thank for that." - Terry G.

"I think all of TruTek's assistance and especially the First Pass Upgrade were key to making this project successful." - Dan F.

"We are grateful that God has provided each of you as a blessing to us personally and to our mission. Thank you, is not sufficient to express the gratitude that we feel for you. Your support with skills and friendship made it possible for us to accomplish not just the R12.1.3 upgrade for Oracle, but to survive the weeks of turmoil and transition since. Each of you have uniquely touched our lives and are very much appreciated. May God bless each of you ten-fold for the blessings you have been to us." - David S.


Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Technical Upgrade Training

"I thought your class was excellent.  We have just started the planning phase for our upgrade to 12.1.3 from and I know that attending your class is going to save us hours of work.  I thought you were very knowledgeable and thorough and did an excellent job presenting the material." - Mario

"An invaluable class for anyone with an aggressive upgrade schedule! Tons of useful information." - Dennis K.

"Please let Mike know I appreciate very much what he offered during that intensive 5 days, and speaking as an experienced Oracle Apps DBA, we would all learn a lot from this hands-on R12 upgrade course. I think this could be one of the best technical classes I have ever taken. I'll definitely recommend this to all my DBA friends and co-workers." - Jian Xu, Southern Union

"If you are migrating to R12 you must take this class, the hands-on training and knowledge of the instructor is invaluable." - Roland R.

"Great training, very hands-on. A very unique training experience. Class is long but well worth every moment. Highly recommended." - Gary Mercier

"Thank you to you and the staff at TruTek for your hospitality, assistance and patience during our training sessions. I am now running through the R12.1.3 upgrade process on a test server and the training I received is proving to be quite valuable!" - Kevin

Introduction to SQL

“I would recommend this class to anybody who wants to learn the basics of SQL programming." - Filip C.

“Mike is extremely knowledgeable on Oracle SQL and DBA subject areas. He was excellent in asking and answering questions, and we were able to learn more about database architecture and hardware needs with follow-up questions. I feel more confident in my skills from taking this class, and it was an excellent investment.” - John C.

“This class has turned the switch on understanding the concepts that I had struggled with for a number of years. In addition, it has provided me with a number of ways in which to become more effective when providing reports.”   - Jennifer T.

“This was an excellent preparatory class for the DBA Bootcamp class.” - Aaron J.

Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade Training & R12.2 Consulting