Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade Training & R12.2 Consulting

R12.2 Understanding Online Patching for Managers Class

This is a one day training class for managers, with two hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. This class will help managers understand the complexities of online patching with Release 12.2.

Online patching uses a new utility introduced with R12.2 called adop. Online patching is quite different than patching with previous versions of EBS, but it offers more predictable downtime, usually minutes instead of hours. However, there are occasions that may increase downtime and make downtime less predictable. Downtime is the time that EBS users can't access the system to do work.

In this class, we cover the phases of online patching, and, in particular, we cover the factors that make downtime less predictable. We cover best practices for using online patching and help set expectations for management of how to schedule downtime with users. We also cover how to best manage customizations, specifically different ways to apply customizations and not interfere with online patching cycles.

This class is intended for managers of EBS environments, but developers and DBAs are welcome as well. Take the uncertainty out of your management of online patching by attending this summary of online patching best practices, by the author of E-Business Suite books on R12.2 upgrades and online patching. Mike Swing is an Oracle ACE and author of fourteen books on EBS upgrades.

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