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Our consultants are leading experts in Oracle Applications and Database Technology.

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Our consultants are leading experts in Oracle Applications and Database Technology.. 



R12.2.8 One Day Upgrade Workshop, R12.2.8 Technical Upgrade Class, R12.2 Applications DBA  Concepts and Administration, R12.2 Understanding Online Patching for Managers

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Oracle E-Business Suite: the little r12.2.8 upgrade essentials for managers and team members​

R12.2 Upgrade Training

Upgrade training classes for Oracle EBS. We specialize in upgrades to Release 12.2.8 and  provide functional and technical training classes, on-site and public classes

Meet Our Upgrade Team - We Wrote the Books

Our team of senior upgrade experts pairs functional knowledge with tried-and-true technical upgrade skills. We're on the forefront of R12.2 upgrades, having written 15 books on R12 upgrades and performed many R12.2 upgrades, both for client production systems and for training classes. Guided by Mike Swing, a leader in the industry for 23 years, we've got a foundation for success . 

You know your Business. We know Release 12.2 Upgrades.

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We strongly believe in empowering the client and providing team members the essential knowledge and training.